New to Blogging (Christmas Story)

This being my first blog I thought I would write about something that happened at my house this weekend. My wife (I call her my wife even though we aren’t married yet but we will. Plus, she is my wife in all aspects and I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me how much I love her but we are going to get that piece of paper. I feel like that could be a whole other blog post. I put this in here before I get a bunch of tweets saying I didn’t know you were married to Brandon yet! LOL)  and daughters spent most of the weekend creating paper doll kits that they then took out to the local Stedman’s and sold for $10 each. They used the money raised to then go and buy toys that they are using to donate to local families in need. The girls managed to raise almost 200 dollars and proceeded to buy 15 toys that will be given to Point in Time to distribute this week.  Brandon thought this would be a great idea to help the girls understand the value of giving back to the community. I couldn’t agree  with her more, I think sometimes at Christmas we tend to think about looking after our own families which is great, but it is always nice to help give back to our communities. The project had two wonderful things happen. Even though the kids are learning to give back it also created a project where they spent a lot of time together as a family making these kits. In the end, some families are going to be getting some toys to put under the Christmas tree and my wife and our girls had blast making these kits! It was just a great feeling to see our girls so excited about helping out people in our community. I think this relates well to being a teacher. It reminds me that academics is only one part of education and we need be teaching to the whole person. Helping to teach students to be kind, caring and charitable people is just as important as teaching them to be creative thinkers or amazing math thinkers! Do we spend enough time in our busy lives now helping out in our communities? I know it is place that I need to work on.

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Instructional Leader for Trillium Lakelands District School Board
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10 Responses to New to Blogging (Christmas Story)

  1. Keira says:

    I love math

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  2. Jessica says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog!

    “I love math”

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  3. Lucy says:

    I love math 😀
    Would be amazing to win these resources!
    I’d like to give the children the best early experiences of math to give them confidence and a positive view of the subject!

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  4. Jenny says:

    I love math

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  5. Zabi says:

    I love Math

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  6. Kathleen Seymour says:


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  7. Kim McKeracher says:

    I love math! (especially in the early years!)

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  8. Joanne piaser says:

    I love math


  9. Lisa O'Reilly says:

    I love math!

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