Update for my Responsive Teaching Post

My last post showed the work Mrs. K and myself have been doing to really be responsive to the student need in her class. It focused on our work with early operations using the Alex Lawson’s continuum to really get narrowed in on what key understandings her students need to move along the continuum  from counting three times all the way to proficiency (automaticity). I posted a diagnostic video of one student answering some simple story problems and then described what strategy he was using to solve them. I then added a video of the Mrs. K working in a guided group setting to help teach him the key understanding of the commutative property in addition.

Here is an update video of the same student about 2.5 weeks after the guided group video was taken.

As you can see in the video he is much closer to achieving automaticity. He is using more efficient strategies now and is much closer to proficiency. In my previous blog he was still counting on from the smaller number. Now he is using two strategies from the working with numbers part of the continuum. In the first video he uses a known fact (but also used his understanding of make ten). He knew that 10 and 3 would be 13 so 9 and 3 would be one less, 12. In the second video he used the strategy called using the five and ten anchors. He pulls the five out of 6 to make 5 plus 5 and then adds the 1 more for 11. This is just an amazing example of what some very specific guided instruction can accomplish in a short period of time when you focus on the key understandings that students need to move along the continuum to proficiency.

Here is picture of Lawson’s continuum so you can see where he is now. He was at” counting on” but is now using the strategies, “using a known fact” and “using the five and ten anchor”.


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  1. Selena says:

    I love math

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    I love math

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    I love math!!! Growth mindset!!

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    I love Math

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    I love math, I love math, I love, love, love math!!

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