I am an Instructional Leader for Trillium Lakelands District School Board in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. I work with teachers from FDK to grade 8. I have been a teacher 12 years now and love teaching all subjects but math is my favourite!

I hated math as a student and struggled all the way through school. It has been such a surprise to realize once I became a teacher that I actually love math. It makes me sad to think of what I missed as a student when it came to learning math and now make it my passion to try and make sure to help as many students as I can avoid the same regrettable math education. After I was saw how math should be taught, it created a spark that I didn’t think was there. I think back to sitting in class being forced to memorize rules and procedures, doing work sheets, not being allowed to work in groups etc., and think this has to be stopped in the classrooms of today. There is a better way to teach math! I hope I can spark the love of math I have found in the teachers and students I work with now.

I also have a beautiful wife and 5 wonderful kids, sometimes 7 but that is another story. When I am not learning about math I spend most of my time with our kids playing at home. I also have a love of books and hockey! Hope you enjoy my blog.

Email: m.stamp@tldsb.on.ca



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